Speeches are an important part of Scandinavian weddings, but they are mostly absent in Romanian weddings. Since ours will be a multicultural wedding we are going to combine the traditions. Which means there will be speeches, but in between dinner and dancing.
We’re going to have 2 Toastmasters: Ioana’s brother Andrei and Ole’s brother Kim. Andrei knows Romanian and will have the responsibility of conveying messages to the Romanian guests. Kim knows Norwegian and will have the responsibility of conveying messages to the Scandinavian guests. They both speak English, so they can communicate with each other and anyone else that speak English.
Since there are going to be about 90 guests consisting of people speaking at least 3 different languages we will try to keep the speeches as short as possible. If you are planning to have a speech it would be nice if you could send it to kim@rand-hendriksen.net (preferably in English) to get a scheduled time and so that Kim can send it to Andrei and maybe we have time to get it translated to Romanian and we can display it on a projector.
If anyone wants to have an unplanned speech, we will try to make windows for that as well, but it will be difficult with all the different languages.
In Scandinavian weddings it is also a custom to make a song on some well known melody. This is something we won’t do since it is really hard to find melodies that a majority of the guests will know.