Dancing is a very important part of Romanian weddings. To not dance in a wedding means that either you’re in grief or you have something against the marriage. So unless there you have a very good reason it is nice if you take a little twirl on the dance floor.
There are a lot of Norwegians who are quite shy when it comes to actually moving on to the dance floor. Therefor we have asked Ole’s brother Morten and his fiance Angela if they can have a small dance class so that you can at least learn a few easy steps of some well known dances.
It is not important to be good at dancing. It is a lot more important to participate in the dancing. A lot of the Romanian guest will only do slow dancing.
We are going to have a DJ and we’re asking them to play a bunch of different music from ballroom to todays hits. So there should be something for everyone.
It will also be possible to come with song requests.