Romanian for beginners

The official language in Romania is romanian. Romanian is a latin language with influences from slavic. Most of the words are more related to Italian, Spanish and French than they are to Russian, but the pronunciation can at times seem more Russian.

Younger generations will often speak English and also some German or French. From the older generations some people will know some German, French or Russian. A lot of Romanians work in Italy or Spain, so these are the languages you might be able to communicate in.

But if you really want to communicate with Romanians, Romanian is probably best. This is why we have made this small phrasebook that you can use. (Feel free to print it out and use it as a cheat-sheet)

Hi = Salut!

Good day = Bună ziua!

What is your name? = Cum te cheamă? (what are you called?) / Cum vă numiți? (what is thy name? (polite))

I really like it here in Romania = Îmi place foarte mult în România.

Would you like to dance? = Vrei să dansăm? (shall we dance together?)

Cheers! = Noroc! (Good luck!) / Sănătate! (health) / La mulți ani! (Wish for many years!)

Excuse me, where is the bathroom? = Scuze, unde este toaleta?

Would you please pass me the water/wine bottle? = Poți să îmi dai sticla cu apa/vin? (informal) Puteți să îmi dați sticla cu apa/vin? (formal)

How old are you? = Câți ani ai? (how many years do you have?)

Can I have your phone number? = Vrei să îmi dai numărul tău de telefon? (would you like to give me your phone number?)

How many kids do you have? = Câți copii aveți?

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