Flying from Denmark

There are several options flying from Denmark.

The most direct option is flying with Austrian Airlines to Iasi via Vienna. As of when I’m writing this post it seems to be flights available every day of the week except Saturday. The cheapest tickets while i’m checking right now are at about 3000,- DKK pr person with a return flight. (dates checked friday 6th to sunday 8th) link to momondo with the search

The cheapest option (flightwise) is probably to fly to Bucharest. that is about 1400,- DKK pr person with a return flight (dates checked friday 6th to sunday 8th) link to momondo with the search

You can also fly SAS or Lufthansa to Iasi through either Vienna or Munich, though then there are 2 airport changes.

Technically it is also possible to fly to Bacau, but then you would have to fly through Rome or Milan. Which is kind of out of the way, but if you are already out traveling it might be nice to know.

Depending on how many people come with the same flights to the same airports, we will organize transportation to the wedding location. So when you have decided on tickets, please inform us so that we can make groups and organize the transport.

Pages where you can search for flights: