How do I get there?

Great! :) You want to come to our wedding, but you are not sure about how to get there. That is OK. This page will help you plan your travel.

First you need to figure out how long you want to travel. Do you also want to do some vacationing in Romania when you are already there? Would you like to take part in an arragned tour maybe? or do you have to go back straight away?

If you want to do a bit of vacationing while in Romania you might want to fly back from a different airport. So please remember that when you are booking your travel.

The most important date for the wedding is 7th of June. That is a Saturday. It is also the Pentecostal weekend which means it is a bank holiday on the following Monday.

The closest airports to the wedding location (Conac Polizu) are ordered by distance: Iasi, Bacau and Bucharest. (Though Bacau is only an option if you fly through Italy)

Depending on how many people come with the same flights to the same airports, we will organize transportation to the wedding location. So when you have decided on tickets, please inform us so that we can make groups and organize the transport.
But the shortest distance to travel isn’t always the cheapest solution. To get an image of the distances between the airports and the wedding location please have a look at this map:

View Romania map in a larger map

So if you just want to come for a long weekend, we would suggest flying to Iasi on Thursday 5th of June or Friday 6th  and flying back on Sunday or Monday.

For accommodation look here.

We have listed a few options about different travel routes and alternatives depending on where you are traveling from