You being there with us on our big day is the best present you can give us and we really appreciate the effort you are making to travel to Romania for this. No other present could compare to this.

Many of you have asked where we are registered and if we have a wishlist for our wedding. We don’t. We do not wish for things – we have enough of those, and it would be really impractical for people to travel with things to Romania and then even more impractical for us to get it back to Norway.

The fact that you are coming all the way to Romania to celebrate our wedding with us is a gift in itself. That is enough for us :)

If you would insist on giving us something, maybe you wish contribute to our dream of getting a house in the future by making a donation to our house-savings account:

1207.07.09692 (Norwegian bank account)

The Romanian gift tradition for weddings is that you give some money in an envelope during the party. The amount is usually an approximation of how much the cost of the party is per guest plus a little bit extra. The general thought is: “The food we had probably cost somewhere around this sum, so I’ll give this much.” The idea is that the newlyweds don’t end up completely broke after getting married and have a little left afterwards.

So if you see us getting a bunch of envelopes during the party, that’s probably what’s going on 😀